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Tampa Opossum Removal

OPOSSUM INFORMATION: Opossums are usually scavengers. They are active only at night. They aren't very fast or very strong or very smart, but they can eat anything and are impervious to most diseases. They are marsupials, which means that the young grow in a pouch. This happens in spring, and perhaps 4 out of 13 will survive to the departure time in June. They are good climbers, and will take advantage of any food or living space they can find. They have opossable thumbs, prehensile tails, and can "play possum", or feign death to avoid predators.

These are the most common complaints about opossums in Tampa:

  • Living in the attic.
  • Possum in garage, garbage can, etc.
  • Stealing pet food.
  • Dead opossum on property.
  • Possum living under house or bathtub.
We frequently deal with Tampa opossums. We are not an extermination company or a regular pest control company, and we would never attempt to poison opossums. We humanely trap and remove possums and we provide a permanent solution via prevention techiques. Call us any time at 813-404-7033 and we'll take care of your oppossum problem!

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About Our Company
We operate a professional wildlife removal company operating in the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. We specialize in the humane removal of wild animals from buildings and property. We commonly remove animals from attics, provide bat control and rat control, and also general wildlife trapping and repair and prevention services. We are fully licensed and insured, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 813-404-7033
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Opossum Informational Articles
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Tampa Bay Possum Control Emails:
Hi Mike - I'm in Saint Petersburg -- I've got possums living under my deck. I've been browsing your website today -- it is VERY useful, I've learned a lot. So thanks for making your knowledge publicly available. If you have time to answer a couple of questions, that would be great. Of course I understand in advance if you are way too busy. a) I've eliminated all food sources and closed off all access to the underside of the deck except for "their" main entrance. There's maybe 2 or 3 of them. This evening I'm going to plant ammonia soaked rags when they exit. Have you had success with this method? b) Anticipating your answer above, do you have recommended colleagues in the Tampa Bay area? Thanks very much, Matt