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Tampa is full of wildlife, just like the rest of Florida, but not all animals are pests, of course. Most of the above animals are usually harmless. The problem is that in an urban area, some animals are displaced and need a place to live. Or more likely for many of these species, they actually thrive in urban areas, because of the human presence. Raccoons, for example, are much more numerous in cities than in wild areas. They have learned to feed off of garbage cans, dumpsters, pet food, handouts, etc. Rats are another classic example - they tend to congregate in urban areas and eat people food and garbage. Same with pigeons. Squirrels thrive everywhere, and they are right at home in the city, and they love to live in buildings. Even bats find buildings and barrel tile roofs make a better place to live than some old dead tree. So these animals are only considered pests when they interfere with people in a negative manner, such as breaking into and entering attic spaces. We do not consider these animals vermin, and we treat them humanely and with respect. We will professionally take care of your Tampa pest control animal problem.

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About Our Company
We operate a professional wildlife removal company operating in the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. We specialize in the humane removal of wild animals from buildings and property. We commonly remove animals from attics, provide bat control and rat control, and also general wildlife trapping and repair and prevention services. We are fully licensed and insured, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 813-404-7033