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Tampa Pest Animal Control

The below fees subject to change, based on factors such as driving distance or circumstance.

Inspection and Trap Setting Fee: Our usual fee to come to your property to perform a full building and property inspection and set up wildlife traps is $129. At that time, we will give you a full written price to completely solve your problem.

Animal Removal Fee: This price may depend on varying factors, but typically we charge $129 for the removal and relocation of large wildlife, and $89 per service visit to remove rat, reset/rebait traps, and relocate the wildlife.

Repair Fee: If your home or building requires damage and preventative repairs in order to keep wildlife out, we will provide you with a written quote after we perform our full inspection.

Attic Cleanup Fee: If your home or building requires attic decontamination, we will provide you with a written quote after we perform our full inspection.

Dead Animal Removal: If the animal is outside, the fee is generally $129. If the animal is inside the home, the fee will typically be $249 to find and remove the animal dispose of the carcass, & deodorize.

Snake Removal: Fee might on circumstance, but is typically $175. We also set snake traps and can provide snake prevention services.

Emergency Animal Removal: If you need a one-time emergency removal service, for a situation such as an opossum in a garage or a rat in the kitchen, the fee will be $175 on up if the hour is very late.

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About Our Company
We operate a professional wildlife removal company operating in the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. We specialize in the humane removal of wild animals from buildings and property. We commonly remove animals from attics, provide bat control and rat control, and also general wildlife trapping and repair and prevention services. We are fully licensed and insured, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 813-404-7033
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